I arrived in Florence at the age of 17 to study the paintings I have loved since childhood. It was through a short course at the Florence Academy of Art I realised that my artistic goal was not just the study of beauty, but the reflection of real beauty, of the world we see and the people in it.

I returned to Perth, Australia, and spent several years working and saving for the tuition at the FAA. I made my way there after my studies at the University of Western Australia, and later arrived to a school that challenged every part of my artistic practice. I found in Florence a way of life that pursues the best, the most perfect reflection of the scenes around me.

It is a city steeped in the history of art, the cradle of the Renaissance and a vibrant training centre for many artistic crafts. There I met Devin Nelson, and together we studied, and fell in love. The paintings that we present as our ‘Odyssey’ are the result of our time together in Florence.