My journey as an artist began in earnest on the day that I walked into the Florence Academy of Art, though I had been painting most of my life. Surrounded by similarly minded students from all over the world, each year of study brought into clarity the art that I wanted so desperately to paint.

When I saw the quality of the work and of the students training in this method, I knew that I had found my artistic truth. I now pursue paintings that use this language to describe the sensory experience and to record not only the object but also the experience of the object. I found in Florence not only an artistic Truth, but also a creative partner. It wasn’t until I met my beautiful partner in life, Alice Palmer, that I realised my vision was shared by another person.

Together we learned to paint and draw in the tradition of the masters while always looking to the horizon for the work we would later create. ‘Odyssey’ is a collection of works made during our time studying in Florence. These works represent both the beginning of our journey as artists and our journey together.