AFTER GEOGRAPHY: a beholderâ??s share an exhibition of oil paintins by artist Daniel Elliott curated by Annette Palmer

AFTER GEOGRAPHY: a beholderâ??s share

 About the collection:

The phrase â??a beholderâ??s shareâ?� was introduced by art historian Alois Riegl and later popularized by Ernst Gombrich. It is an experience we have all sharedâ??artists and patrons together.  It is the viewerâ??s contribution to the meaning of a piece; it is the final adventure in the story that each beholder choses.


In this collection, the adventure begins with landscape. Shapes are formed from emotional ties to memory, a process that is always stormy.  Through the movement of color, feelings articulate into threads that viewers may tie to their own memories, completing the purpose and significance of each piece.  Countless new adventures are born in each setting my work presents.  Each view invites a new ending.