Magical Christmas Experience

Mexican artists Horacio Lecona and Miguel Hoffmann debut his Magical Christmas Experience tonight at The Glade Arts Foundation in The Woodlands, Texas with a run through January 17, 2021.

In The Magical Christmas Experience, Lecona and his Mexican artist collective, create a meditative indoor and outdoor sight and sound immersive experience in at The Glade Arts Foundation. Through curated video projections paired with accompanying music that you listen to on your own headphones or ear pods through your smart phone, you walk through a poetic journey replaces the commercialism of the holiday season with reconnection to oneself and nature.  

“Through a series of projected video images, lights and music (both crafted and natural), I hope this unique installation with help humankind renew itself,” explains Lecona. “My goal is for people to use the experience as a time of reflection, gratitude and a safely shared uplifting experience with family and friends during this isolating time of the coronavirus.”

The Magical Christmas Experience leads you through several thematic environments with selected audio synced with corresponding video projections—some as large as 35 feet across bathed upon outdoor tree groupings! In the first “chapter” of the show, Lecona pairs stunning NASA imagery of the sun with a stirring song about being light. Later, we are in a room that honors the sacred geometry of nature and then discover another environment which has been transformed into a colorful ode to the Three Wise Men who visited baby Jesus.

Here is how The Magical Christmas Experience works:

  1. Visit and pay a fee to connect with the music to be played through your own headphones or ear pods on your smartphone.
  2. Choose either a day or night experience at The Glade Arts Foundation
  3. Arrive 15-minutes prior to the start time with headphones or ear pods and smart phone and your mask covering your nose and mouth
  4. Await Glade staff to direct you into the exhibit at socially distanced intervals
  5. Dress warm as you will be walking indoors and outdoors at your own pace/desire
  6. Return as many times as you wish and enjoy

“We hope families will use this art installation as a way to unwind from the stress of the holidays and the global pandemic and let the power of art and nature inspire you,” says Lisa Fuller Harra, President of The Glade Arts Foundation. “Please know there are two shows: day and night – with different experiences. I encourage you to experience both.”