Away from Reality

My interest in the relationship between a man and a woman, along with my lifetime work on that dialogue and aesthetic feelings that are formed by the suave human body movement, in addition to the reduction of details that I find ineffective in the artistic expression that I look for , all that affected my method, which I find committed to specific artistic vision, despite my utilizing of a variety of material and substance. Consequently, comes the idea behind my current exhibition. It is the evolution of the creative content. Definitely, there were aesthetic effects that imposed on some of the sculptures.

The human being, with his everlasting struggle with good and evil, and his ongoing search for the meaning of life and immortality, was a gateway for a new project that can bear different interpretations. Maybe the epic of Gilgamesh, from Mesopotamia, is part of the solution that I find compatible with some of my mystifying questions.
It is Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, who realized everything. He is the wise being who knows everything. He, who examined life and benefited from its lessons, unraveled secrets and revealed buried mysteries. He is the descendant of Uruk, with the elegant and sublime appearance and ramming ox. He is the forceful, the son of Ninsun. Gilgamesh, full of divinity. He is the one who aspired to achieve immortality.

Although this myth is considered an in-depth study of my new sculpting style, I borrow some of its details in my new exhibition, to form the beginning of an experiment that may become the foundation for more productive projects.