Cynthia Reid

Cynthia’s semi-abstracted and stylized watercolor trio, “Meadow Weave”, “Meadow Mates” and “Bushy Bluestem”, are a charming pairing and are painted with same narrowed perspective, allowing for a high level of detail. Although naturalistic and realistic landscapes, scenes typically modeled on the world around us and from everyday life, normally incorporate a more intense level of detail than abstractions do, with Cynthia’s expert use of layering and patterning, her semi-abstracted watercolor landscapes, “Meadow Weave” ,“Meadow Mates”, and “Bushy Bluestem” achieve an almost uncanny and refreshing level of detail. Cynthia’s methodology for expressing the natural world around her is fairly simple- instead of depicting notable, distinguished and often illustrious landscapes in her work, like mountainside panoramas, Cynthia looks closer and renders the more subtle natural details around her, details that typically become lost in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, scenes that are just begging for Cynthia to make them stand out, pop and engage with the audience in a newfound way that prioritizes looking close, but seeing far.