Natiq Al Alousi

Iraqi artist resident in the UAE holding a Bachelor degree in fine art and a winner of many awards and certificates of appreciation through my participations in numerous solo and group exhibitions in many countries of the world. I have produced many statues, monuments and murals in important sites and palaces inside and outside Iraq, one of which is the flag of the Mother of Battles (Om Al Maarek) in the Martyr Monument in Baghdad. I served as the Director of the Ministry of Culture's bronze foundry in Iraq as well as of the Presidential Court and headed the Department of sculpture at the Institute of Culture and Folklore My background: I belong to an artistic environment that goes back in old eras to more than 6000 years represented in the art of Mesopotamia- the land between two rivers- ( Babylonian, Sumerian and Assyrian). Each time I study and watch the symbols of these eras, I find myself slipping to my studio to extract from my unconscious my materials and practice my passion in art as a ritual ceremony which is a stimulator from which I depict my continuous emotions. About my Art: My artistic style is manifested in my very delicately sculpted art focusing on capturing the essence of beauty of graceful slender bodies in motion to flow and reveal the intrinsic expressionist energy of their soft and rapid movements and emotions. Most of the transient details of these bodies have been mindfully hidden and minimalized; however they retain a sensitive expressive energy that emits gleams of beautiful meaningful emotions reflecting deep passionate unspoken dialogue between a lover and a loved one, another dialogue between a lover and his eternal dream and one more between the myself and my work attempting to make the hard substance compliant to discover where beauty resides in these lively moves of the slender bodies.