Andy Bauman

Andy has been in the Business Development and Marketing field for over 30 years. While the majority of his experience has been affiliated with the technology sector, he has always been passionate about being involved with the community and engaging people on a cultural level. As the President of Business Development and Marketing and founding member of The Glade Cultural Center, Andy is able integrate his skills and experience with his love of culture. His vision is aligned with the Cultural Center to enrich lives through the art of art.

Dragos Tapu

Following a twenty-year corporate marketing career in the technology industry, Dragos Tapu is returning to his roots. Raised in a family with deep European heritage in fine arts, Dragos followed his father’s footsteps in studying art and later architecture. In 2015 Dragos opened Glade Gallery, the first fine arts gallery in The Woodlands, TX where he continues to bring the finest global expressions of contemporary figurative art to The Woodlands.

As a longtime resident of The Woodlands, Dragos Tapu expands on the community artistic legacy by co-founding Glade Arts Foundation.